Welcome to ENSURE!

ENSURE Inc. is an independent property & casualty insurance agency. Our team specializes in risk management of businesses in transportation and construction sectors.

Our Mission:

On the foundation of integrity, be the new standard of quality in insurance advisory services

Our Values:

    1. Provide highest value to our clients
    2. Build relationships with insurance companies
    3. Develop talent and build a committed team

We are building our business on the foundation of outstanding relationships with our clients, insurance companies, and our team. We are looking forward to supporting you in building your business.

Our Team

Monika Lajewska

Over 12 years of experience in advising on property and casualty insurance coverage

Mila Plyuta

Over 5 years of experience in Customer Service and Commercial Insurance lines, enthusiastic about Transportation accounts. Our company polyglot that speaks Ukrainian, Russian & Polish.

Kamila Golebiewska

Over 5 years of experience in Commercial & Personal Insurance lines, expertise in Transportation accounts.

John Edwards

Over 5 years of experience in Customer Service. Assists with processing clients requests and provides certificate of insurance.